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Welcome to Benton County Soccer Training in Iowa

Discover why we started BCSTIA to develop youth sports and what went into creating Cedar Rapid's premier soccer training program.

Welcome to Benton County Soccer Training in Iowa!

Many professional athletes and fitness professionals came together to create BCSTIA. Bobby Hurwitz, Adrian Grodzki, Rainer Hauss and many professional futsal coaches in Brazil to name a few that were involved.

These individuals create optimal soccer training program that hasn't ever been seen for this age group in Iowa. This team of coaches have dedicated their lives to competitive sports and have learned step-by-step the dedication, drills and mindset needed to perform at an elite level. But it doesn't just stop at being athletes themselves, they are coaches at heart and have been helping young, collegiate and professional athletes develop for many years.

During the first stages of planning, all the coaches collaborated together on what they thought was missing from the development of youth soccer in Iowa. What resulted was a library of hundreds of different fitness and soccer drills & progressions that are developed into a long-term program focused on eliminating the weaknesses of specific athletes that attend Benton County Soccer Training sessions.

Bobby Hurwitz alongside side a long professional career has 5 years of individual and small group youth soccer, speed and agility training and an Associates in Health & Fitness. The last 3 years of his career were with the Cedar Rapids Rampage indoor and outdoor teams along with 6 appearances for the US National Indoor Soccer Team. Bobby currently resides in Cedar Rapids after the birth of his baby girl and has since been called in to play 5 games with the Orlando Seawolves of the MASL.

Rainer Hauss has more than 5 years of youth coaching experience. Rainer is an all-star goalie and player who recently returned from the 2019 WMF World Cup representing Brazil. He currently plays for the Florida Tropics of the MASL.

Adrian Grodzki over the last 13 years has trained collegiate athletes from soccer and football to pro fighters and Olympic Weightlifters. He has a knack for picking apart athletes to make them excel. His degree in Biology and certifications of CrossFit Level 1 & 2, USAW, USAG and BZA Development among many others over his career gives the team an in-depth background behind the science of athlete development.

Our team's education, experience and personal ambition is going to drive the youth athlete's progress. We heavily focus on constant form correction for soccer technique and fitness training. So each athlete is empowered with the information to improve their strength, coordination, balance, technique and soccer IQ.

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