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Offered to all ages, this is an opportunity for players to receive one on one attention and work exclusively with an HD Soccer coach for a full hour.

Whether you are looking to introduce your child to soccer in a private setting, or help them master a particular skill, we customize sessions to meet your needs, schedule and child’s abilities.

Areas of Focus

  • Juggling

  • Ball Control

  • Dribbling with Added Moves

  • Foot Skills

  • Shooting

  • Speed & Agility


Offered to all ages, group training allows for players to receive extra attention while focusing on skill development and small group tactical skills. 

Areas of Focus

  • Foot Skills

  • Dribbling with Added Moves

  • Passing & Receiving 

  • Shooting Technique

  • 1v1 Situations

  • 2v1 Situations

  • Individual Attacking

  • Individual Defending

  • Speed & Agility


HD Soccer's curriculum is built to fit any goalkeeper of any age and ability. From the beginner to the advanced goalkeeper, it will challenge each and every goalkeeper resulting in a better and well-rounded individual. 

Areas of Focus

  • Footwork & Ball Handling

  • Shot Stopping 

  • Crosses & High Balls

  • Tipping/Punching

  • Breakaways

  • Distribution

  • Starting Positions


Strength and speed training play a major role in the game of soccer and directly correlate to movement used on the field. This includes a combination of explosive power and muscular endurance. Our experienced coaches at HD Soccer use a variety of training tools such as speed ladders, therabands, and hurdles during sessions.

Areas of Focus

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Proper Running Technique

  • Quick Feet

  • Agility

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